Postmen features

Real-time shipping rates

Compare costs and delivery time across carrier services to optimize your shipping routes.

Cut-down shipping expenses

Choose the lowest rate among shipping services that meet your customer expectations.

Deliver on time

Customers like fast delivery. Select shipping service based on delivery time.

Optimize logistics process

Compare rates across services of different carriers to find the right shipping method.

Works well with other platforms

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94% of shoppers want a guaranteed delivery date.

Real-time shipping rate

We integrate with the carrier’s shipping API to get the latest rates and delivery time.

Compare across carrier services

Choose the best service that meets customer expectations and minimize your shipping cost.

Discounted USPS shipping rates

Ship orders to customers and save up to 90% with USPS shipping through Postmen.

Apply your negotiated rates

Connect your carrier accounts and apply negotiated rates to maximize your profit margin.

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