Postmen features

Order management portal

Ship eCommerce orders easily from one place to shorten fulfillment time. More happy customers.

Ship orders faster

Fulfill orders in one place and use automation to make sure you ship on time.

Deliver on time

Find the right shipping service easily to meet customer expectations of delivery time.

Reduce human errors

Create labels in a few clicks with pre-filled order information to reduce shipping errors.

Works well with other platforms

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13% of consumers would never order from the retailer if the delivery is late.

Print labels easily

Create shipping labels certified by 70 carriers worldwide in a few clicks. It’s free!

Organize better. Ship faster.

Manage the shipping process with 4 order statuses to fasten shipping and reduce human errors.

  • Pending payment
  • Awaiting shipment
  • Label generated
  • Shipped

Ship faster with automation

Pre-filled order details to ship faster and notify platforms automatically when it is shipped.

Notify sales channels automatically

Send tracking number to sales channels when an order is marked shipped on Postmen.

Import orders automatically

See all your order and customer information from multiple sales channels in one place.

Test mode

Create test orders and print test labels to try out Postmen functionalities for free.

Ship from location settings

Define multiple warehouse locations and select easily when you fulfill orders.

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