Postmen features

Multi-carrier shipping APIs

The #1 shipping APIs designed for developers to integrate fast with 70 carriers worldwide.

Access to carriers

Instantly integrate with all carriers supported by Postmen and save your development cost.

24/7 live chat

Talk to our shipping team if you need help to connect your accounts.

Setup in minutes

Follow our guide to connect your carrier accounts easily to Postmen.

Works well with other platforms

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79% of US consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online.

Labels APIs

Place orders to carriers and generate shipping labels in one API request.

Rates API

Calculate rates across multiple carriers to help you decide the best shipping service.

Designed for international shipping

Easily add the information required for the customs clearance of your international shipments.

  • Item HS code and origin
  • Shipping purpose
  • Terms of trade

One API for 70 carriers

Shorten integration time with our simple and helpful API documentation for 70 carriers.

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