Postmen features

Connect carrier accounts

Easily connect your carrier accounts to start shipping in minutes. Support 70 carriers worldwide.

Access to carriers

Instantly integrate with all carriers supported by Postmen and save your development cost.

24/7 live chat

Talk to our shipping team if you need help to connect your accounts.

Setup in minutes

Follow our guide to connect your carrier accounts easily to Postmen.

Works well with other platforms

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63% of consumers abandon their shopping carts when shipping rates are too high.

Use your own shipping rate

Connect your own courier account and enjoy negotiated shipping rates in your contract.

Enable shipping services you use

Disable shipping services that you don't use to avoid using a wrong or expensive service.

Unlimited shipper accounts

Connect multiple shipper accounts of the same courier to Postmen. It is completely free!

Keep your credentials secured

Postmen enables secure setup with AWS KMS to encrypt shipper account credentials

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