Postmen admin is the best free multi-carrier shipping software for your Shopify and Shopify plus stores. Postmen is dedicated to automate and simplify shipping for you. Add Postmen app in Shopify and enjoy these recently added features.

Filter through thousands of orders quickly

Scrolling through a long list of orders can be very time-consuming. To help make the task easier for you, Postmen has added a quick search bar at the top of the orders list for each status (pending payment, awaiting shipment, label generated, shipped, and all orders).

You can search for orders by:

  • Order name/number.
  • Recipient’s name.
  • Email address.
  • Item name.
  • SKU.
  • Tracking number.
Search Shopify orders quickly in Postmen admin

Enjoy additional service options

Based on the selected courier, you can opt for three new service options: signature, insurance, and paperless invoice.


  • Flexibility: choose the type of signature according to your convenience.
  • Contactless: opt for a paperless invoice and eliminate the hassle of managing hardcopies.
  • Be insured: minimize risks caused due to damage or breakage of goods.

Determine the age of orders

We’ve added a new “Age” column to the Postmen orders list. It allows you to find out for how long orders have been in a particular shipment state (example, pending payment).

It is calculated for different shipment statuses as below:

  1. Pending payment: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at).
  2. Awaiting shipment: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at).
  3. Label generated: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at).
  4. Shipped: age = (order.shipped_at) - (order.created_at).
  5. Canceled and other unknown statuses: age will be "-".

Give these new features a try right away!