Postmen team is thrilled to partner withe FedEx US to enable retailers to offer simple returns solution to their customers. Customers can return parcels at FedEx stores or Walgreens by simply showing a QR code. If the customers do not have a printer at home FedEx or Walgreens staff will help generate the labels to make the returns easier. What's great? FedEx US doesn't have additional charge for this awesome service. And....Postmen API is free for all developers.

How does it work?

All you need is a FedEx shipper account and you can enable this service using Postmen API in just 2 steps.

  1. Generate a returns label: Initiate an API request for a return shipment of your FedEx US account (At postmen you can connect your FedEx account). You will receive an image file of the QR code together with the PDF label.
  2. Send the return label & QR code to customers: Add the QR code to shipping instructions.  Customers need to present it to an associate while dropping off return packages at a FedEx office or Walgreens store. We recommending sending both QR code and label to customers in case they still prefer to print the label in advance.

Extend one more step towards delivering a hassle-free returns experience.

Try this feature now!