Fulfillment Wednesday again :) Today we are going to teach you how to setup shipping rates at Shopify checkout page.

Step 1: Setup shipping zone

a. Head to Settings > Shipping at your shopify store
b. Click Add shipping zone
c. Name a zone and select countries

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Step 2: Add shipping rate to each zone

You are required to select a rate method for that zone

  1. Free Shipping
  2. Based on order price
  3. Based on order weight
  4. Real-time rates estimate

Option 1: Setup Free Shipping
You can set free shipping based on order's price or order's weight (min, max)
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**Option 2: Based on order price **
You can add certain shipping cost based on the total order price (min, max)
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Option 3: Based on order weight
You can add certain shipping cost based on total order weight (min, max)
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Option 4: Real-time rates estimate (Require Unlimited or higher plan)
Shipping costs are calculated automatically by the carrier at the exact time an order is placed based on the weight, dimension and destination. You can also add a markup by certain percentage or a flat fee to the calculated shipping fee.

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Why real-time shipping rates at checkout?

Well- it is calculated accurately based on weight / dimension / destination, and you can offer more shipping options to your customers at checkout. You can also set a mark up on top of the actual shipping fee.

How to setup real-time carrier calculated rates (USPS, FedEx, UPS)

  1. Enroll to Shopify Unlimited or higher plan
  2. Click Setitngs > Shipping
  3. Click Manage carriers at Carrier-calculated shipping
  4. Activate fedex, ups or usps

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Setup FedEx real-time shipping rates

You are required to apply for a FedEx developer credentials (yes... developer).

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Setup UPS real-time shipping rates

You are required to apply for FedEx developer credentials, and then enter Production Meter Number, Production Password, Authentication Key, and Account Number.

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Setup USPS real-time shipping rates

If your store is eligible for Shopify Shipping, just enable it. Otherwise, enter your USPS Web Tools API user ID.

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Setup real-time shipping rates for other carriers

For other carriers, you may want to explore the shopify shipping apps

Some even said they support UPS, FedEx and USPS so you that you dont need Unlimited or above plan to enjoy the real-time shipping rates calculator.