We would like to let you know that Postmen has introduced premium monthly plans on 9th August 2017. We'd like to give you some context on why we made this decision, and also introduce the different premium monthly plans which will be available.

Why introduce monthly plans?

Postmen has been free since we launched in 2016, and our team has been working very hard to ship a simple and high-performance shipping tool for our users. Introduction of Postmen premium plans will allow us to be sustainable, continue to provide great customer support, and most importantly it will clear doubts surrounding a free service's future.
We'll continue to offer a free-tier monthly plan for users shipping less than 20 shipments each month.

What will happen to my Postmen account?

Existing Postmen users could continue using Postmen as usual for free until 31st October 2017. You could then decide anytime to subscribe to a premium monthly plan, otherwise after 31st October 2017 your account will be automatically subscribed to the NEW free monthly plan.

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