Zara has been pushing hard on their online store with the wordings Shop Online at their retail stores' windows and on the bags.

Shop at:

Deliver to: Hong Kong

Buy what: Baby Clothes (10 items)

Order Time: Wed 23 Dec (GMT+8)

Shipping Notification: Thu 30 Dec 8:22am (GMT+8)

Courier: TGX

Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 working days (i.e. 29-31 Dec)

Delivered on: Thu 30 Dec ~11:00am (GMT+8)

Checkout + Delivery Cost & Time

Yea: Free shipping for over HK$400 (otherwise HK$40) or store pickup is free

Nah: 3-5 days delivery time. Unclear shipping policy / delivery time at store front.

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It is hard to find the shipping and return policy at Zara website, and it does not highlight much the wording free shipping or free store pickup which I found a bit weird. If you like to see how much Zara charges for delivery, you need to click INFO > BUYING GUIDE > DELIVERY or click on the Shipping details next to the item picture.

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When it comes to checkout, Zara does ask you to choose the shipping methods (pick-up in store vs standard shipping), and tell you the expected time for pick-up / delivery.

Shipping notification

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Yea: SMS notification with tracking info.
Nah: sent too late (4 business days after making order), unclear delivery time

It is surprising to see Zara ship out that late given that it is a domestic delivery. The notification itself contains tracking number and tracking number but it does not say an expected delivery time. However, I receive a SMS from the carrier almost at the same time, saying the Zara order will be delivered within 1 working day.

Actual Delivery

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Yea: Lovely packaging.
Nah: Not much

Love the packaging of Zara orders with beautiful box and wrapping paper.

Return Process and Policy

Yea: Return at store. Free return. Zara arranges carrier pick up and no need to print shipping labels.
Nah: Not much

All returns must be made within 1 month of the e-mail confirming shipment.You can either return the items to store or ask Zara to ask a courier to collect your package within 1-2 working days. Make sure you follow the steps listed in my account > returns or refer to the link in order confirmation e-mail.