Every quarter we set objective and key results for the company, teams and individuals. In 2016 Q1, the main goal is to let users test Postmen shipping APIs, and improve our products.

  1. Supported 50 couriers (now 23)
  2. Launch 3 shopping cart apps by Mar (now 0)
  3. Finalize design of Postmen API v4 (now v3)
  4. Launch web interface for users to create label by Jan (now api only)
  5. Support CSV upload to create label by Jan (now api only)
  6. No longer need to choose database regions by Jan (now choose between only US and SE Asia)

Of course there is continuous bug fix and updates to postmen system. Our main goal in long run is to make Postmen a scalable platform to ship with any carriers in fast speed.

This is exciting and challenging for coming 3 months. I will fly to San Francisco for the coming Shopify Unite conference on 22-23 Mar to meet with Shopify developers.